Welding Systems

Welding cables   

The most flexible welding cables with pvc and rubber insulation. Pure copper 99,9% and high quality insulation materials give to the cables great handling and furthermore they garantee a perfect conductivity and the maximum resistance to mechanical stresses.


Welding cable with single PVC insulation

Welding cable with double PVC insulation

Welding cables with rubber insulation H01N2-D

Welding cables with rubber insulation H01N2-E

Welding accessories   

Welding headshield MC1010

Welding handshield MM1010

Welding headshield MC2020


Maschera a casco MC1010R

Ground clamp

Electrode holder

Flexible steel conduits   

Welding casings are built as spiral in round (C85) or flat (C72) phosphatized stell wire zinc-plated stell , or high tensile zinc-plated steel.

External coating can be performed with PE-LD or PVC.

Steel liners can be built upon specific Customer request

Flat steel flexible conduits

Round steel conduits

Conduits with inner liner

General features:

Standard lenghts 3,4 m - 4,40 m - 5,40 m

Standard lenghts for steel lines in rolls 50 mt

Welding wire

Mild steel solid wires

Alluminium alloys welding wires

Stainless steel solid wires

Low alloy mild steel welding wires

Welding wire under protective gas (Co2) and alluminium, different diameters and shapes, made by italian technology. The know how has been consolidated for twenty years experience in this field and a technological and efficient monitoring system guarantees a high quality level .

Finished liners for welding torches

We provide a wide range of welding accessories. Welding  hand shield and welding head shield made by polypropylene material with increased robustness, electrode holder with solid brass body and insulation made by thermosetting material that resist to high temperatures, ground clamps with brass body. All  the welding accessories  are made in conformity with the relevant standards