Welding Systems

The aim of Welding Systems is to provide the fastest and the most efficient service for all the companies who wish to provide themselves with welding accessories and welding cables of excellent quality in every area of ​​the world.

We take care of the customer’s needs beginning from the offers up to the shipment of the orders: in this way the customer can benefit by an immediate, professional and quick service that assures him a continuous and constant assistance in each step of the relationship with the supplier.

These services don’t give any additional cost for the customer, because we operate on behalf of our sister company and all offers and invoices are issued directly from the same manufacturer to the customer.

In particular, our staff is responsible for:

Our team of experts is constantly striving to serve each request, quote and order quickly and efficiently for satisfaction of our customers, which benefits in terms of time and costs.

Welding systems services

Analysing customer’s needs: we deeply study your requests in order to define what you really need  

Proposing the best products: we introduce you a wide range of products that can fulfil what you are looking for

Ongoing and immediate support : our staff provides professional, immediate and fast service in every step of order processing.

Providing an integrated logistics service: we plan, implement and check the flow of your worldwide shipments , in order to provide you with an efficient service according to your specific needs.

Welding Systems services allow you to maximize your precious time, your resources and reduce your cost by: